Friday, March 9, 2012

Week 8 book fair in full swing! March 5th-9th

The book fair was in full swing this week and boy was it fun. I really enjoyed the aspect of selling and helping customers. It was neat how the school helps the children with the book fair and trys to get the parents involved. Since the children have learning problem we let them all make a wish list and we helped them write down what they wanted. So the first few days classes visited the library and created a wishlist for each student. The teachers also created wishlists. Then they  sent the lists home for the parents to discuss cost and what their child would want. Then the lasts days the students came back with money and purchased what was on their lists. We had some problems with books selling out, sometimes what we thought would sell did not and vice versa. But it was fun seeing the joy on all the children's faces. Parents also came to the book fair as well as after school therapy children. Everyone looked like they enjoyed themselves. We also had this really awesome machine that took cash, credit, debit, check and we just sat back. No calculator needed. It was very tempting sitting their waiting for people to come buy stuff the first couple of days because business was slow. So I ended up buying a lot of stuff but it finally picked up on the last two days.  The library made not an excellent profit but some every little bit helps. I also got schlastic working dollars so I got to pick two books with that which was awesome because I was eyeing the Grimm legacy book all  week. While it was fun, it was boring at times just waiting for someone to come anyone. I really did get a new spin on how to run a book store but also incoporate these methods into the library. The book fair was certainly a challenge. But next week is spring break but after this break we get to input all the books that the library purchased at the book fair and I am a little scared about that.

Weeks 6 and 7

Week 6
My boss was out due to the loss of her father it was also Mardi Gras break. I was still very ill with a virus. I went to the doctor 3 times from valentines day to this point so I did not work that week partly because my boss did not have stuff for me to do and because I did not want to infect the children.

Week 7
February 27-March 2nd
I really got some hours in this time because we were in full preperation for our book fair. But monday through wednesday were pretty typical I shelved and helped with different small projects the librarian gave me. I got to check out lots of books to the students. I also helped cut out different things for the book fair and help with the signs. I really enjoy doing typical things like shelving way more then I ever thought. But on Thursday and Friday the real work began I stay from nearly lunch to near in the evening both days helping prepare for the bookfair.
We had to unpack all the books scholastic send us and set everything up like a store. We really had fun with set up even though it was tons of work.  The librarian explained to me how the book fair works for their school and how they get the profits. It was really great to be apart of the book fair set up, because I remember going to the book fair at my elementary school. I really appreciate all the work that goes into it now more then ever. But the fun part was yet to come. :)