Monday, May 7, 2012

April 30th-May 3rd/ Conclusion

It's my last week at the Dubard school and I am so sad. I have come to love every aspect of this job. This week I really focused on shelving whatever needed to be shelved so the librarian would have less to do. I also tried to see if I had any questions or wanted to learn  anything specific. I also got my first test as a real librarian I came in for my afternoon shift and the librarian had got called out for an emergency meeting. When the teacher walked in with her computer lab students she said the librarian said you can watch them for her. So the teacher and I handled the students in the lab together. The students were so good and worked really hard. I felt like a librarian for the first time that I was in charge. :) I also helped all the other classes and whenever the student needed help I was their to help them. It was very rewarding to help the students and to help the librarian out as well. I turned in my evaluation sheets and did so last minute things and I was out of Dubard and done with my practicum.
As I look back on my pracitcum, I can say I learned more hands on then I did in school. I know felt really capable of any library job. And that I would do well in sticky or rough situations. I know I could handle whatever gets thrown at me from working here. I enjoyed every second of the day while I was their the staff and students made it easy to work there but by far it was not an easy job; it was hard work. I know I was sick and missed quite a bit but consistanly you can see I did work super hard when I was there and even when I was sick I did my absolute best.

April 23rd-April 27th

I finally am able to get back fully into my schedule once again. I was detirmined to soak up as much learing and finishing helping the librarian at Dubard as much as possible these last two weeks. So I completed whatever she wanted me to do to finish up the scrapbooks. I got so many complements on how well I did on the scrapbooks both by the librarian and the worker who scans the scrapbooks. I was so excited to finish inputting all the books and getting some on the shelves. We also started getting in all of our books and materials that were out during the school year so I had tons of shelving to do. It became rather difficult because our library is so small and our shelves are really full most of the time. But I made it work. We finally reopened the computer lab again for the students to start on Rosetta Stone again so I got to observe some classes but also do small other jobs as well.

April 16th-20th

This week I believe we had testing in the mornings so I was not required to be there in the mornings. I worked this week on the little projects that I had left to do. The rest of the time I did whatever was needed around. We also worked on input in the catalog at Dubard. I was shown how she uses the Concourse system but also uses WorldCat. I put all the labels on all the books we inputted. I had so much fun inputting and it was a great learning experience. I really learned shelving and I really have a passion for shelving and cataloging now. We also worked on clearing out the computer lab so we could have it reopen for computer classes. I finally started getting back into the swing of things with work and school. I really started developing a passion for the children I enjoyed there responses during their class visits to the library and their hard work during computer.

April 9th- 13th

As I said in my last blog Dubard was off on Monday April 9th so I did not work that day. But on tuesday April 10th I returned to work but I also got some bad news about my gallbladder. I got the call that it was not functioning at all and that I would need surgery. They got me an immediate appointment with a surgeon that week on April 11th I saw the surgeon; he really wanted to do surgery sooner but I told him I wanted to finish school and that I was working at Dubard so I could not have surgery until it was all over. So he agreed I would reserve the surgery for after graduation. After that I tried to get back into the swing of things at Dubard knowing my time there was short. I have good days and bad days with being sick so it was hard to do everything I was doing but I did the best I could. I got complimented with the work I did on the scrapbooks. I even sorted through a huge stack of all things that were on sorted and needed to be. I really enjoyed checking in the students books and listening to the librarian teach them about the library or computers or just read them a story. Our computer lab was still down with all the new technology coming around so it was chaos in the library for a couple of weeks. But overall I enjoyed working on the scrapbooks and learning how to deal with no only what the students check out but what the teachers check out and use as materials as well.

April 2nd-April 6th

Another work week began at Dubard. There was a lot of excitement and a little stress with the arrival of new computers and Ipads for the students to use in the library. We had boxes all over for about the next two to three weeks. So we worked with ITech trying to get all the computers set up and where they needed to go. I took on a lot of tasks with scrapbooking and inputting of books. We also had to input all of the books from the book fair that we got and some donations that had come in. We also worked on organizing the library and moving some stuff around. This work week was chopped up for me because my hida scan test was april 5th and I had to fast for like 12hours before and try to go to classes to. I also had to get to the test an hour before it started  and then it lasted for 2 hours. But the test was worth it because I later found out I was really sick.  The next day April 6th was Good Friday and we had a holiday. I returned to school on Monday April 9th but DuBard was closed for Easter Holiday still so I did not work that day. But my pain was easing up now and I was looking forward to getting back to work.

March 26th-30th

I was in still in a lot of pain at this time with my gallbladder but I had to wait it out for the hida scan test. So I had no choice to go to school and my practicum in pain. But while this was really difficult I knew I must press on and do well. The Dubard school was really supportive at this time. I did shelving and watched her input books. At this time in my practicum I was shown mostly everything the librarian their does so we were tying up any lose ends or any questions I may have. I was also still working on the scrapbooking for the archives. I also finished up some computer work that she had me do. It was really difficult going to 3 really tough classes and working, but also walking everywhere in pain but I managed to do it. It was in these next couple of weeks I really learned the most at Dubard even though I felt terrible all the time.

March 12-16th, and the week after through March 23rd.

It was spring break time! It was almost halfway through my time at Dubard we had some testing and things coming up to where I would have to not come on testing mornings but also learn to start inputting books when I returned from spring break. On Saturday March 17th early morning I woke up screaming in pain. I went straight to the emergency room they did tons of testing the pain in my upper right side was unbearable. They decided that I needed medications so they gave me some and told me to come in later that week for a gallbladder ultrasound. I was in so much pain I could even lay down  to go to  bed so my mom rushed my to another emergency room to see if they would help me. The emergency room did not so I had to miss classes and my practicum all that week because I could hardly move. I got the gallbladder ultrasound. My ultrasound was March 22. It all came back fine. But the gallbladder is hard to detect and I had to get back to my practicum and school. So I went to my family doctor he ordered a hida scan test of my gallbladder the soonest he could get it was April 5th. I really hated missing school in Dubard all this time but when I was not at the doctor or could make it I tried to be there as much as possible.