Monday, May 7, 2012

April 23rd-April 27th

I finally am able to get back fully into my schedule once again. I was detirmined to soak up as much learing and finishing helping the librarian at Dubard as much as possible these last two weeks. So I completed whatever she wanted me to do to finish up the scrapbooks. I got so many complements on how well I did on the scrapbooks both by the librarian and the worker who scans the scrapbooks. I was so excited to finish inputting all the books and getting some on the shelves. We also started getting in all of our books and materials that were out during the school year so I had tons of shelving to do. It became rather difficult because our library is so small and our shelves are really full most of the time. But I made it work. We finally reopened the computer lab again for the students to start on Rosetta Stone again so I got to observe some classes but also do small other jobs as well.

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