Monday, May 7, 2012

March 26th-30th

I was in still in a lot of pain at this time with my gallbladder but I had to wait it out for the hida scan test. So I had no choice to go to school and my practicum in pain. But while this was really difficult I knew I must press on and do well. The Dubard school was really supportive at this time. I did shelving and watched her input books. At this time in my practicum I was shown mostly everything the librarian their does so we were tying up any lose ends or any questions I may have. I was also still working on the scrapbooking for the archives. I also finished up some computer work that she had me do. It was really difficult going to 3 really tough classes and working, but also walking everywhere in pain but I managed to do it. It was in these next couple of weeks I really learned the most at Dubard even though I felt terrible all the time.

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