Monday, May 7, 2012

April 30th-May 3rd/ Conclusion

It's my last week at the Dubard school and I am so sad. I have come to love every aspect of this job. This week I really focused on shelving whatever needed to be shelved so the librarian would have less to do. I also tried to see if I had any questions or wanted to learn  anything specific. I also got my first test as a real librarian I came in for my afternoon shift and the librarian had got called out for an emergency meeting. When the teacher walked in with her computer lab students she said the librarian said you can watch them for her. So the teacher and I handled the students in the lab together. The students were so good and worked really hard. I felt like a librarian for the first time that I was in charge. :) I also helped all the other classes and whenever the student needed help I was their to help them. It was very rewarding to help the students and to help the librarian out as well. I turned in my evaluation sheets and did so last minute things and I was out of Dubard and done with my practicum.
As I look back on my pracitcum, I can say I learned more hands on then I did in school. I know felt really capable of any library job. And that I would do well in sticky or rough situations. I know I could handle whatever gets thrown at me from working here. I enjoyed every second of the day while I was their the staff and students made it easy to work there but by far it was not an easy job; it was hard work. I know I was sick and missed quite a bit but consistanly you can see I did work super hard when I was there and even when I was sick I did my absolute best.

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