Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week 4

                                                                February 6-10th, 2012
I really took a leap into the world of library and the world of the school I work at. I really do so many things at my practicum, sometimes it gets repetitive weekly but I really enjoy it. This week was a very interesting and intense, the weeks are sure flying by as we prepare for our book fair. I have been doing a lot of paper work for the book fair. This week I got to check out books to the students. It was quite an experience getting used to the computer system that the librarian uses. I also finished the huge computer project I had been working on updated and tested internet access on fifteen laptops. The librarian decided to keep five of them due to the face they are about to get some new equipment in the library. Every two weeks the children get to check out books so not too often are their books to shelve. I probably only do that once a week or so. The librarian really has trusted me with more tasks a day lately and more difficult ones. This week the librarian asked me to start working on the scrapbooking for the current school year which is how they archive the events and pictures of the school. They have a student who is in charge of the archiving currently who was making copies of those current articles and scrapbooking them. The librarian told me she did not like it that way and that she wanted the original articles in there and wanted the scrapbook more presentable. So after I finished a few pages she took a look at the scrapbook and said much better. She said that I would now be in charge of the current school year scrapbook. The librarian also gives me lots of compliments and I really take pride in what I do. My favorite part of the week is when I get to witness the students one on one reading time and I get to hear them read. I really enjoy working with the students and watching them learn.

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