Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weeks 2 and 3

January 26-February 3, 2012
I decided to combine these weeks since I started on a Thursday. I couldn't wait to start my practicum. I was so anxious because I had never worked in a library before and this library is special. I could wait to work with the kids who had learning problems and see how smart they were. My first day, I learned to shelve books which I really did not fully understand until this amazing librarian showed me hands on. I had been in college so long I was used to the Library of Congress way of shelving but I learned. Once I was shelving and shelving, I put away 50 books rather quickly. I loved how the librarian also taught the kids the Dewy Decimal System as well. My second day, I learned about the computer lab which the librarian also runs. The kids come in a do the program Rosetta stone to improve their English language skills. My job was to turn the computers on and off every day for the most part and monitor the kids. My first Monday I learned about the scrap booking project the school is working on to preserve their legacy. I also stamped books and put stickers into them to let them know it belonged to our library now. Then the really interesting parts happened, I got to witness the librarian having her classes. The librarian told me she scans all the books into her computer and then types the words in PowerPoint so the kids can see it and understand it better. I watched the kids answer her questions for her lesson and watch them as she read them the story. I also started a big computer project. The librarian asked me to take out 15 old laptops and update them in antivirus and see if they connected to the Internet. It took one computer an hour and 15 minutes to update. They were really slow. I wrote down which ones were good and bad laptops. Later down on the road the librarian will decide if she wants to keep them or not. On Thursday, I cleaned the entire computer lab and dusted everywhere and also worked on the computer project. Friday I went in earlier then my normal time, because they were having a special Cat and the Hat program. The Cat in the Hat even came to visit the kids. It was really great to see the kids with the cat. I also cleaned and worked on the computer project. I really did not know how my first full week would go but it went great and I absolutely love working there.

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