Friday, February 17, 2012

Week 5

                                                                    February 13-17th
This week I really got thrown into the world of the library and upheld many responsibilities even though there were some mishaps. Monday was a pretty typical day in the library; I shelved, did computer work, and watched the kids work. But then the librarian gave me a new job. It was flannel book and fairy tale puppets, I basically had to inventory the items and put them in alphabetical order. It took a really long time to get them all in order and figure out what went with what but I eventually finished the librarian was pleased. Next I had to type a list so the teachers could find the items they may want more quickly. The librarian said this is closer to something I might be doing in a public library. I also started scrapbooking not only in the recent school year but I also got to start a book on their 50th anniversary. Tuesday which was Valentine's Day was really fun, I got to see the kids at their Valentine's Day party. I got to meet and mingle with a lot of the teachers. I also got to see the librarian read a Valentine's story to her class that day. It was so much fun! Wednesday I was very sick and I got a doctor's excuse to miss work. So the librarian gave me permission to miss as long as I needed. I also did not know if I was contagious or not. I still was very sick on Thursday when I returned to work but I got a new responsibility and I did it well even though I was sick. My new job on Thursday was to scan the pages of the future story so they could be projected onto PowerPoint. I even got to use a program called snag it and then used PowerPoint to insert the pictures I scanned into a slideshow. I really enjoyed this and I hope it turned out good. I really love all the work I'm getting to do. I will make up my hours but not next week due to Mardi Gras break. But I will be ready to take on the book fair soon enough. I hope I feel better next week.

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